environmental system

The NEW ENERGY FVG Srl plant is authorized by Decree of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia N. 29074/GRFVG of 12.07.2022. The IPPC activity carried out is that reported in point 5.3 letter B point III of Annex VIII to Legislative Decree 152/2006. Only non-hazardous waste can be managed in the plant.

packaged waste,It lies at the dump
The authorized recovery operations are listed below:

Recycling/recovery of organic substances not used as solvents (including composting operations and other biological transformations);


Exchange of waste for one of the operations indicated from R1 to R11;

R13 (waste storage)
recovery for the production of solid secondary fuel

The production of solid secondary fuel from waste is part of the operations carried out at the plant. The solid secondary fuel produced, coded with CER 191210, must comply with the parameters imposed by current regulations.

Stack of plastic bottles for recycling against blue sky
The authorized disposal operations are listed below:
D15 (preliminary filling)

NEW ENERGY FVG Srl can organize waste transport upon customer request. Our transport companies – with which we have been collaborating for years – are selected according to a rigid and careful supplier qualification process. The waste route is monitored ensuring compliance with current legislation.